Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Psst... Guess what? The library is getting to be busy, busy, busy!

Wow, the first month of school went so quickly! The library has been busy checking out almost 3,000 books to eager readers. All students have been taught or reminded about being good library citizens which means returning their books on time and taking care of them while they have them at home. So far, only one accident. Keep your fingers crossed! : - )

Preschoolers have been introduced to the library and have heard some great stories (I think their favorite so far has been "Bark, George", a story about a dog who oinks, quacks and moos!)

Kinders have enjoyed stories by David Shannon and Keiko Kaszo. The students are such good listeners!

First graders are learning the areas of the library and have delighted in hearing some classic books by Audrey Wood. Next up, author Tedd Arnold and his great Fly Guy books!

Second Graders have been learning their way around the library and working on the skill of choosing "just right" books for their reading level. Up next for them is Book Bingo, where they can show off their newly acquired library location skills.

Third Graders have been practicing their library location skills and soon will be diving into the resources of the reference section.

Fourth Graders have also been reviewing library location skills and will soon start practicing their storytelling skills in preparation for a special performance.

All in all, a fantastic month of library! The students at Westby Elementary are amazing learners!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Great First Day

What a fantastic first day of school! Some second, third and fourth graders visited the library and learned the expectations for library time. Rule #1 - You can't enter the library unless you are SMILING! : - ) They all did a great job. We took class library selfies to commemorate the first day and they will be posted soon. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the students tomorrow.